Blockee assassin

gains health from one-hit-kills.

Basic Attribute Edit

Attribute Start Limit
Icon life big 400 1000 ~ 1250
Icon attack big 27 210 ~ 245
Icon defense big 12 210 ~ 235
Icon speed big 38 7 ~ 8

Basic Resource Edit

Resource Start
Item key 3
Item copper coin 2
Item star 2

Upgrade Edit

Icon attack big+9 Icon starIcon star
Icon defense big+9 Icon starIcon star
Icon speed big-5 Icon starIcon star

Feats Edit

Experience: gain experience and level up by killing monster.

Purification: purify cusred equipment.

Evasion : traps will not hurt heroes.

Life Leech : gain health when monster do 0 damage.

Unlock Edit

collect more than 200 monsters.

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